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What Is Savant Home Automation?

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Savant home automation is a premium, personalized home automation system that changes the way you live. Using advanced but simple technology, Savant gives you complete control over your home’s environment. 

From scheduling your home to awake before you to creating exciting home atmospheres that demonstrate your unique personality, Savant gives you a remote control for your home life. 

Sync your lighting to your favorite music, and have your home welcome you back at night, or set your house temperature for the perfect balance. Whatever your preference, Savant gives you the ability to create singular experiences that reflect your personality and lifestyle. 

This blog discusses what separates Savant as a full home automation company compared to other IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as Nest thermostats, Amazon Echo, and Hue light bulbs. It also covers what helps Savant compete with the other two leading companies in this industry, Control 4 and Creston. 

Apex audio video solutions in Austin utilizes sophisticated technology and superior installation to bring customers’ visions for home automation to life. Our factory-trained technicians bring years of experience to deliver a personalized design to home automation. Discover the Apex experience by visiting our Savant service page or contacting us for more information.

Why Choose Savant Home Automation?

The reasons for Savant’s success are plentiful, but their simplicity and compatibility are the most notable. In addition to their easily-accessible, advanced technologies, Savant also offers a fully customized experience, allowing users to express themselves with their home design. 

Savant’s System Is Simple and Easy to Use

One of the primary reasons Savant enjoys such a prestigious reputation is that it offers more capabilities than alternatives, such as virtual assistants or smart home products. It does this while retaining its simple and functional design.  

Savant includes a hub, touchscreen mode, and a lamp control device that communicates over WIfi. You can efficiently operate the remote with Bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to point the remote all over the place to get it to work. 

Because of its simplicity and ingenuity, Savant’s remote compatibility typically requires less technical support and maintenance than other devices. 

Savant’s Compatibility

Savant’s compatibility is second-to-none in the home automation market. If you choose Savant, you won’t have to worry about replacing your other home systems. Savant claims its technology pairs with nearly 400,000 devices. It’s nice not having to waste another thought on wondering whether your home automation can control your Roku box, Apple TV, Spotify, Sonos speakers, or Lutron shading systems

Additionally, Savant doesn’t plan on stopping at 400,000 pairing devices. It has plans in motion to add even more. 

For all of your plug-in lamps, Savant has an easy-to-use adapter that lets you turn anything on and off. 

Customizable Experiences

Savant’s versatility is another one of its brand differentiators. Operating Savant from one device gives you more freedom to use other devices. This versatility allows you to customize your home automation experience in ways previously not possible. 

Let’s say you have a particular lighting setting you enjoy for your Friday night movie. At the press of a button you name  “Friday movie night,” you could have the lighting in your Austin home theater set, the movie geared to roll, and the room at the perfect temperature ready for when you arrive. 

Intuitive Design 

Savant’s touchscreen utilizes an intuitive design that streamlines its functions. For example, the touchscreen automatically lights up when you pick it up and has both backlit buttons and voice command options. 

Savant’s touchscreen has three main pages to toggle. On the first, you can organize all of your favorite channels. The second displays the components you can control from your remote, and the third has all of your customized settings, such as a “Friday movie night” or “entertaining guest.” These customized settings are called “scenes” and help you create the right mood for different occasions. 

What Does Savant Home Automation Consolidate?

Home automation is a broad term thrown around with the IoT economy that needs defining. You may find yourself asking, “does Google homework with Savant,” or, “do home security systems pair with Savant home automation?” 

Savant’s beauty rests within its compatibility with multiple systems, but what are those systems? 


Savant can synchronize your TVs, smart TVs, cable and satellite systems, streaming devices, AV receivers, Blu-Ray disc players, game consoles, projectors, wireless speakers, and soundbars. Imagine being able to control your music in one room while watching TV in another. 

While Savant supports input switching with some devices, it cannot control the devices directly or turn them off. Such devices include Playstations, Wii, Wii U, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku. 


Savant’s plug-in lamp adapter gives you full control over your home’s lighting by connecting your lamps as well as your central lighting. In addition to your central lighting and lamp lighting, Savant can integrate with any shading, such as Lutron shades


Savant connects to your security system so you can arm your security when you’re away, and disarm it when you’re at home. It also supports your cameras, DVR, and electric door locks. It’s wise to use the same service for your Savant installation as your security system so they can integrate the hardware and software systems seamlessly. This way, you can complete both jobs in one visit and for a one-time fee. 

How Much Does Savant Home Automation Cost?

Determining your Savant home automation price depends on a few factors, such as how many components you use and the brand. For example, if you include a security system in your home automation system, your home automation system, you increase your costs. Likewise, if you have smart thermostats, blinds, and other lighting systems, you increase your expenses. 

However, unlike other systems, such as Nest or iHome that charge by component, Savant charges a flat-fee for its system. So, while you may have to pay additional fees for your separate devices, Savant doesn’t charge you for additional hook-ups. 

Should I Try to Install Savant Myself? 

While more complex Savant installations require a professional home automation company, Savant announced a foray into the DIY market a few years ago. Now, Savant has a line of direct-to-consumer products that make its products more inclusive and affordable. 

However, despite Savant’s new, more affordable product line, it’s wise to use an installation service if you have more extensive needs. The reason why you should use an installation service for more expansive projects is that you don’t want to compromise your home’s aesthetics, and you want your home automation to become apart of your home, not be a separate extension. 

Another reason to use an installation service is to have someone explain your system in detail upon installation. Instead of spending your valuable time scouring the web for information on your Savant home automation system, you can have a trained professional walk you through every Savant feature you want to use. 

How Do I Get Savant Home Automation?

To get the most out of Savant’s highly customizable home automation system, Savant advises you to set up a consultation with an installation technician for planning. This phase uncovers whether you’re looking for a single-room setup or whether you want your entire home outfitted. A professional technician can devise a strategy that brings all of your automation desires to life. 

Savant also licenses its dealers so you know you can trust your technicians’ guidance. Certified Savant dealers consider your lifestyle to create a plan that fits into your home without compromising its original design. 

Setup Your Savant Home Automation Today 

Savant home automation is one of the most respected brands on the market for many reasons. The most apparent reasons why Savant does so well are because it provides advanced, tailored technology in a simple, easy-to-use package. If you dream of controlling your home at the push of a button, Savant is an excellent choice. 

Apex Audio Video is a certified Savant dealer in Austin, TX, so we can answer any questions that come up throughout your home automation process. Consult with one of our factory-trained technicians to devise a comprehensive plan that best fits your needs. 

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