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What is Lutron Homeworks? Everything You Need to Know

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The technological developments of the past ten years have been incredibly exciting. One of the industries that has experienced the greatest amounts of growth, smart home technology, has gone from once being a novel idea to a core component of our everyday lives.

A recent study reveals that about 45 percent of homes in the United States have at least one smart home system. As this technology improves and also decreases in price, this figure can be expected to increase. Smart home technology not only makes our lives easier and makes our homes more efficient, but it also makes these homes much easier to sell. 

At the core of the so-called “smart home revolution” is a company known as Lutron. Lutron, whose Lutron Homeworks has gained widespread acclaim, has firmly established itself as a leader in lighting, shades, and other in-home systems. Lutron has been involved in the lighting industry for more than fifty years, but the recent growth of the smart home industry has allowed it to expand its product offerings and grow at a considerable rate.

In this article, we will discuss the most important things to know about Lutron’s innovative Homeworks system. Lutron Homeworks can be purchased at many of today’s top home automation suppliers, including Apex Audio and Video, based in Texas. By taking the time to understand this innovative system, you will be able to determine if investing in Lutron Homeworks is right for you.

What is Lutron Homeworks?

Lutron Homeworks is a comprehensive smart home system that allows you to automate many systems in your home and control these systems from a single location. Homeworks is designed to make homes more efficient, to increase homeowners’ quality of life, and to make it much easier to control many different elements of your home. 

According to the company’s website, “Homeworks delivers a seamless whole-home experience. Powerful controls. Intelligent shades. Beautiful light. All working harmoniously.” Many of Homework’s most innovative features were designed in response to input from consumers. Rather than working with multiple remotes and having to make all adjustments by hand, Homeworks makes it possible to control every component of the smart home system from a centralized location.

What Systems Can Lutron Homeworks Include?

Lutron, a company that got its start manufacturing state-of-the-art lights, focuses most of its product lines on providing advanced lighting solutions. The company specializes in providing energy-minded dimmers and switches, which make it easy to adjust the lights in the room for just about any occasion (along with plenty of pre-programmed lighting options).

Lutron’s commitment to quality lighting options made its pivot into shades and rollers relatively easy. After all, shades and rollers (used to control shades) are necessarily related to lights and will directly control how much light you are letting into your home. Venetian blinds, wireless roller shades, cable guided shades, wireless drapery tracks, and many other options can all be provided by Lutron.

While lighting continues to remain Lutron’s specialty, the smart home revolution has motivated the brand to develop systems that cover the “Whole Home.” In addition to lights and shades, Lutron Homeworks also includes sensors systems, which can be connected to your lights as well as your home security network. Furthermore, Lutron’s new systems offer comprehensive lighting controls. These controls allow you to control your HVAC and other climate systems that can help ensure your home is always comfortable and welcoming. Imagine walking into a home that, with the simple touch of a button, is well-lit and at a comfortable temperature—this is exactly what Lutron has been striving to provide. 

What are the Different Components of Lutron Homeworks?

When compared to lighting and climate systems from twenty years ago, Lutron Homeworks is much more centralized, but also considerably more sophisticated. Within the broader Lutron Homeworks system, you will find many different components.

  • Central (Main) Unit: the main unit, which has a modern look and can be mounted on a wall of your choice, allows you to control lighting, shading, and climate from a single location.
  • Remote Controls: a medium-range remote control makes it easy to make adjustments from almost anywhere in your home.
  • Sensors: Lutron’s sensors can detect motion and, in response, turn your lights on or off (there are many preset options available).
  • Dimmers and Switches: Lutron’s light controls can be installed anywhere in your home, even if the current wiring is somewhat limited. The ultra-sensitive spectrum dimmers make it possible to adjust your lights to meet your exact preferences.
  • Shades and Rollers: as stated, Lutron offers many different shading solutions. The shades and rollers can be integrated into a pre-existing lighting system, making the switch to a more comprehensive network much easier. Look for the Sivoia QS models.
  • Climate Control: the company’s thermostats can be completely wireless, making full integration even easier.
  • Mobile Support: Lutron’s innovative app allows its users to continue controlling their lights and climate, even when they are away from the central control panel or from the wireless remote.

Your Lutron provider can help you understand how these many different components can work in harmony. With continuous support well within reach, creating the smart home system of your dreams is more accessible than ever before.

Why Should I Choose Lutron Homeworks?

Lutron’s many decades of experience have helped earn the trust of countless users, both in the United States and elsewhere around the world. The company’s relentless commitment to building a constructive company culture and providing unrivaled quality to its users have allowed it to remain ahead of the pack, even in an increasingly competitive industry.

Lutron understands that there are many reasons it remains such a prestigious brand. The company cites its “exceptional aesthetics”, “refined daylight control”, the ability of its users to create a “transformative environment”, and “smart living” as just a few of the elements that help to cultivate the authentic Lutron difference. Furthermore, Lutron’s trusted network of experienced suppliers has helped it continue to offer value to users all across the country. 

Conclusion – Lutron Homeworks

Lutron’s Homeworks has helped shape the ways that many people illuminate their homes. Homeworks includes shades, lights, and climate controls, that can add significant value to your home and make your life much easier. While you’ll find many options within the broader smart home marketplace, Lutron’s Homeworks remains among the best.

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