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All Video Surveillance provided through our partners over at APEX Central Security

Surveillance has come a long way in the last 20 years, you are able to record and store several YEARS of footage in up to 4K resolution! That’s crazy!
Have a Home or Business you would like monitored? We have many options!

We’re currently partnered with Lilin and LTS and soon to be adding Eagle Eye Networks to our inventory.

With Cameras and Cloud storage systems being as cheap as they are today, why not add some peace of mind to yourself and monitor your assets or loved one?

Free Video Surveillance Quotes Available through APEX Central Security




Security installation and monitoring done through Apex Central Security
Control4 touchscreen panel mounted inside of a clients home in the Austin area
APEX provides video surveillance with a variety of monitoring options to choose from as well as different styles of Cameras to accommodate all needs
Watching that show in the living room and want to move over to your bathroom? Not a problem!