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S J.
Yelp 5 Star Review

Apex has been great to work with.
After my first communication with Clayton, I knew this was the company I would happily work with.
I’m an experienced owner with Control 4 and media set up for the house, and needed someone to continue and expand my project when I felt the first company I worked with was going through much too many learning curves.
I did a lot of vetting around for a new company, but the choice was clear. Apex does a great job with communication, knowledgeable, punctual, creates solution, offers competitive/fair pricing, and services with courtesy.

Like another reviewer mentioned, I’ve been impressed with their price, workmanship and knowledge. They offered smart solutions, options to help protect my equipment, and ways to clean up my media room appearance.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Clay, Robert and Paul. My wife and I have been impressed with them all. I am confident that Apex is the team we work with as we continue to expand on our “smart home”.
I highly recommend them.

Trey N.
Yelp 5 Star Review

I usually do all my own A/V projects because I’m usually disappointed in the price, quality, and lack of knowledge of the service reps that show up. Out of necessity  I called Apex to repair a control 4 box (have to use a dealer to repair).  i was so impressed with there price, workmanship and knowledge that I ended up hiring them to clean up my a/v closet wiring and install some new control 4 components.

All I can say is no more DIY for me!  I’ve finally found a company who shows up on time, does what they say they will do, they do it quickly and for a fair price.  Top notch company all around. read more

Doug W.
Yelp 5 Star Review

I wanted a big screen experience in my living room without the clutter of lots visible electronics.  It was a relatively small scale job but with some logistical challenges–lots of natural light and my wanting to “hide” the projector in the wall more than 15 feet away from the screen.  I had two other companies (both rated highly) come out to bid on the job.  One company just had no interest in doing the job and the other said it would be too expensive to give me everything I wanted.  Clayton from Apex Audio Video was never discouraged and found several creative ways to wire my home with minimal construction saving lots of money and time.  The installation was quick and every person working on the job was personable and knowledgeable.  I am really happy with the end result and the service from Clayton, Robert, Paul, and the rest of the Apex crew.

Harley G.
Yelp 5 Star Review

Last week our house had a very close lightning strike, taking out my Pre-Amp, and Epson 8350 Projector. I decided to order the very popular Epson 5040ub, and it arrived on Wednesday. After work my neighbor and I took down the 14 year old 8350, and proceeded to mount the new project in the old ceiling mount. For two hours we struggled with trying to get the four legs over the four pins, attaching the projector to the mount. Unfortunately the mount was rusted tight and after what was a total hassle, deciding we were to exhausted to continue and so we gave up.

So the next morning at 8:05 am, I called Apex. Clayton called me back within an hour and I explained the situation. He told me they were at least two weeks out on large projects, but maybe he could squeeze us in. He called me back about 30 minutes later, and told me his general manager Brad lived out by us and would be happy to come by after work and take a look. He came by around 5:15, with a new mount but it turned out we were going to need a full mount with a new column. So we carved out 8:00 am Saturday, but with a chance that if he got done early on Friday he would give me a call.

On Friday at 4:00 he call and said he could be by in 30 minutes. So Brad came by and installed the new mount, mounted the Epson 5040ub, and completed the initial leveling and Screen set up adjustments.

All I can say is that I am amazed by the level of service I received. In this day and age it is so refreshing to have a company go out of their way to take care of you. I understand that no one but but me cares if i get to watch TV tonight. This could have easily been put off until their schedule opened up two weeks from now, and that’s what most companies would do. Prioritize their high paying jobs first. Apex is run by real people who care, giving really good service.
Please consider skipping those other guys, and take advantage of a company that cares.

Raj B.
Yelp 5 Star Review

We just moved to Austin from VA and were custom building our dream house in Texas.  I was looking for the home to be hi-tech with full house automation.  Enter Clayton and Apex Audio Video.
I met Clayton (owner Apex Audio Video) through an outside referral in Houston while searching for Control 4 home automation options.  From the moment I met Clayton, I have to say that there was a trust relationship formed unlike any that I have had from any vendor to date.  Clayton was not pushy and took a great deal of time to meet with me and plan out my needs.  Extremely competitive pricing and his attention to details prompted me to choose his company to bring all of my ideas together.
My decision to move forward with Clayton and his team proved to be one of the best decisions I made with the construction of my home.  Paul was the lead programmer and installer for this project.  To date, I have never worked with an installer as courteous and accommodating as Paul proved to be through the entire project.  Him and Clayton together managed to put together a Control 4 system for my house that I could never have conceived myself.  I had concerns initially about the complexity of the job, and whether Clayton and his team could handle it.  However, in the end I am left with an incredibly seamless system, which I enjoy every day.  All of my friends and neighbors  are amazed at just how “smart” my home is.  They incorporated : tvs, speakers,security cameras, electronic door locks, whole house networking, fiber optic star lights, theater equipment, motorized blinds,and full pool controls all into the Control 4 whole house automation.  There really isn’t anything these guys can’t do.
Because of the scope of the work, there were a few initial glitches- but here is when the true testament to their dedication to their company name came into play.  The amount of hours Paul and other members of the team spent at my house to navigate through problems (some inherent and some caused by other vendors), still leaves me in awe.  Neighbors saw the Apex audio/video vehicles at my house so often, they would joke around saying the  company was being run out of my house!  To this day, Paul has always been there to answer my phone calls and text messages with the same courteous and calming tone with which  he started my project with.
I have done quite a bit of work with Apex and I plan on continuing to add on features to my system with their help. Honestly, I can’t imagine using anyone else- they have indeed spoiled me.  I whole heartedly recommend Clayton, Paul and the rest of the Apex team to anyone who is interested in adding any type of audio/video component to their house (large or small).  I am such a fan of their work that I am personally willing to share my experience along with an actual viewing of any work they have completed in my house.  Thank you Apex Audio Video and a special thanks to Paul for all that you have done and continue to do!

Eddy S.
Yelp 5 Star Review

I used Apex to install speakers in our media room, speakers in our kitchen and outdoor patio ceilings, Control4 connectivity, and stronger wifi access. I initially made the mistake of not placing a budget on the entire project, so when I received the initial bid, it was a bit out of my price range. After talking with Clayton over budget, he immediately worked out another bid that comfortably fit the price range I gave. I really liked that because he could’ve done what other companies have done (from my experience) – treated me like a less important client because there was less money in it for the company.

On the contrary, Clayton and his team were always on time, always stayed true to what they said they would do, and never flaked on me or my wife.

And here’s the best part about Apex: they genuinely CARE about the work they do. Apparently, my house was pre-wired strangely, and the access point of the kitchen and patio speakers were in the master bedroom, and without internet access. This made it impossible to make the speakers work without going to the room and manually futzing with a receiver I would’ve been forced to purchase. Clayton threw in a wi-fi capable system at no additional charge because of this issue. He didn’t place blame on anyone for the mix up, nor did he try to justify shoddy work because the pre-wiring wasn’t done properly. Instead, he said, “we’ll make sure your speakers are working no matter what.” And he did.

Also, Paul, one of Apex’s workers, stayed at my house till late at night to make sure everything was running smoothly. After the wi-fi installation, my U-verse internet was dropping every so often. After Paul did everything he could to figure out how to stop the random internet drops, he called AT&T himself and set up a time to meet them at my house to figure out what was going on. The poor guy showed up with a sanitary mask on because he caught a bad cold, and STILL came to meet with AT&T to fix the issues.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with their service. They genuinely care about their customers. Since moving to Austin, I’ve had horrible experiences with all types of labor & technical workers due to an apparent high demand in Austin’s booming economy. That doesn’t stop Apex from delivering, and I’m truly grateful I went with them.