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Lutron Shading Systems

Enhanced Privacy. Reduced Energy. Better Living.

Add value to your home with Lutron motorized shades. Motorized shades make it easy to bring optimal privacy to your space while also reducing your monthly energy costs. Choose from a wide range of brands and shades which will allow you to find a solution that is perfect for your home or business.

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Shading Solutions
for the Modern Era

Relax in the comfort of your home with the luxury of automatic shades. No longer do you need to worry about managing all your shades and lights by hand. Adjust the shades in your home to cater to any possible mood or situation with the simple touch of a button. Take control of your shading solutions with brands like Lutron, and make your life a little bit easier and much more relaxing.

Added Value
to your Home

Invest in new shading systems and immediately add value to your home. With an energy-efficient, automated shading system, you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills and always have your shades set at the perfect height. Add beauty to your home with the highest quality, most aesthetically appealing shading solutions available, and cater your shading system to your personal privacy preference and relax in peace.


Sleek & Sophisticated: Enhance the look of your space with timeless Lutron shade designs. Blend your automated shading system with the existing aesthetic and architecture of your home. Add elegance and enhance the overall ambiance.

Simplistic Control: Adjust shade coverage and privacy with a single app.

No Intrusive Noise: Stay relaxed and at peace. Lutron shading systems are designed to be quiet with a virtually silent motor.

Safety, Security, and Privacy: Control the amount of privacy in your home and manage your Lutron shades while you’re away with automated settings.

Protect & Preserve: Furnishings in your home such as fine art, wood, rugs and more can be damaged through UV light exposure. Protect and preserve your delicate pieces with smart shading.

Glare-Free: Enjoy TV or computer time in your ideal environment by reducing glare with your motorized shading system.

Save Energy: Conserve A/C use in the summer by keeping shades down to allow cooler temperatures throughout the house. Maintain a warmer home climate in the winter with more natural light to avoid cranking the heat.

Choosing the Option that’s Right for You

APEX offers a wide range of modern shading solutions and quality brands to choose from. Lutron, Control4, and Savant are just a few of the comprehensive brands that can help bring your home into the modern era. Control the entire setting of a room from a centralized panel or use your dimmer switch to create a cinematic experience. Integrate your systems with Amazon’s Alexa to make controlling your environment even easier. Regardless of what you decide is right for your home, APEX will be there to offer professional recommendations and quick, effective installations.


As a Homeworks certified, authorized Lutron dealer, APEX is able to ensure its clients are getting the best Lutron shading solutions available. Choose a partner that has the experience, knowledge, and training needed to install any of Lutron’s innovative lines.

Upgrading your home is simple with Lutron technology from APEX Audio Video in Austin or San Antonio, TX. Visit one of our locations today, or reach out to us at (512) 371-6363 or

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