Home & Commercial Grade Security Systems with Monitoring

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Our partners over at APEX Central Security

“Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems.”

About 5000 burglaries happen daily and a big part of their decision is whether or not your home has a security system.

From glass break detectors to pet-resistant motion sensors, we have your solution to peace of mind. With around the clock security monitoring available as well, never again feel worried about going out of town or leaving your loved ones unattended.
Locking up your business at night? Go home comfortably knowing you’re being protected.

Want to tie it all in to your home automation and be able to lock or unlock doors from anywhere in the world? Not a problem.

Secure your assets and life


APEX Central Security

Around the clock monitoring and an abundant amount of other services done by our partners over at APEX Central Security.
Non-intrusive post construction wireless security options, including full home Security Systems, Video surveillance and more.
No project is too big for a security panel. Options for limitless expansion are available



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