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How Lutron Lighting Control Options Can Transform The Way You Live

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Lutron technology, in many ways, is a manifestation of the progress human beings have made over the past several hundred years. Lutron offers superior light control, allowing you to customize your environment with ease. 

Apex Audio Video is a proud distributor of Lutron lighting and shading systems. In this blog, we will discuss the history of lighting and the benefits of Lutron lighting solutions. Continue reading to learn more about this cutting-edge technology. 

The History of Lighting and Lutron

According to Moore’s Law, which is well known throughout the smart home industry, the number of transistors on integrated circuit chips can be expected to double about every two years. 

While the applications of this well-supported law are somewhat limited, the implications it carries are abundantly clear: Technology is increasing at an exponential rate.

When we look at our phones, our computers, and other pieces of technology we use in our everyday lives, it is evident that technology is constantly evolving. Lighting has been no exception to this general trend. 

At the turn of the 20th century, the light bulb was a rarely-used piece of technology. By the end of the 20th century, however, lightbulbs could be found in almost every home in the developed world.

Recently, smart home lighting has been something that was considered a luxury, much like its ancestor, the lightbulb. By the end of the 21st century, however, smart home lighting technology will be considered to be as essential and commonplace as the lightbulb is today.

Today, Lutron is leading a global movement in pursuit of smarter homes and smarter lighting solutions. The brand, which has been involved in the lighting industry for more than half a century, has consistently committed itself to quality and excellent customer support. 

Despite constant changes in the market, Lutron remains an innovator in its increasingly competitive industry. Lutron lighting solutions have helped fundamentally change the ways we live.

Offering Highly Personalized Lighting Solutions

Over the past decade, having personalized lighting solutions has become increasingly necessary. Rather than using a “one-size-fits-all” lighting package, Lutron makes it easy to create a custom lighting network that can be adapted to the specific dynamics of your home.

Accounting for things such as where the lights will be located, the level of desired brightness, the types of settings you hope to create, and various other details makes it much easier to develop a personalized system. 

With Lutron, you can also illuminate your home with your favorite colors, changing tones throughout the day (bright in the morning, warm in the evening), and create lighting patterns that are compatible with your current sleep schedule. 

Integrating Lights and Shades into a Single System

While, at first, lights and shades might seem to be independent systems, these two components really have the same fundamental purpose—controlling how much light is entering into your home. 

Knowing that the best lighting systems are also usually the most comprehensive ones, the innovative team at Lutron has made it easy to control both your lights and shades from a centralized location. 

Lutron’s shades make it easy to stop glare on television and glass, lower the shades when you are not home, and improve your energy bill by minimizing the amount of heating and air condition that can be let out via (closed) windows. Furthermore, their automatic shades and rollers offer a stunning aesthetic that is rivaled by no other brand.

Simplifying Complex Systems

At first, one of the reasons people were somewhat resistant to the “smart home revolution” was that they were afraid the systems being proposed would be too fundamentally complex. 

However, as these systems have advanced and have become capable of achieving much more complex functions, using a smart home system has become easier than ever before.

Lutron’s state-of-the-art central control pad can be located anywhere in your home. Using a bright, aesthetically-pleasing LED touch screen, you can adjust your shades, your lights, your security system, and other components of your home with just a few swipes of your finger. 

Lutron’s trusted partners, such as APEX, will help install a device in a way that is safe, useful, and energy-efficient. Once you are able to unite all smart home functions into a centralized location, you will be able to have total control of your home.

Creating Value That Will Last for Decades

Another reason why Lutron has become such a popular brand is that the value it provides will last for many decades. Creating a smart lighting system is much more than purchasing some modern fixtures. It is an investment that will not only increase your overall quality of life but will also increase your home’s projected resale value.

There are countless benefits that a lighting system by Lutron can provide. With an integrated digital fixture, you will access “simple controls for flexible lighting needs”, the “ability to create scenes for daytime, nighttime, bedtime, dining & events”, increased security with “lived-in look”, state of the art dimming, and many other features. 

Lutron systems are all “human-centric” and are designed to add as much utility to your life as possible.

Never Wavering From Their Founding Principles

Lastly, it seems the most obvious reason Lutron has remained such a dominant brand in the smart home industry is that the company has refused to waver from its five founding principles. 

These principles include:

  • taking care of the customer with superior goods and services
  • taking care of the company
  • taking care of the people
  • innovating with high-quality products
  • delivering value to the customer

Lutron’s core values have helped create a business model with the vision needed to rise to all challenges. Not only does Lutron have a strong past and a thriving present, but it is also a leading smart lighting company of the future. 

Lutron Lighting Control Options–Transforming The Way You Live

There are currently many different smart lighting brands available to choose from. However, as the people working at APEX and many other providers would suggest, Lutron is rightfully recognized as a foremost industry innovator. 

With personalized service, added value, and a continued commitment to its founding principles, Lutron has helped enhance the homes—and lives—of people around the world.

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