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Choosing a Lutron Automated Lighting & Shading System for your Home (2020 Guide)

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As we move further into the 21st century, a larger number of families are looking to implement smart home technology into their homes. Smart technology makes it easier for people to control the different components of their home, ranging from their shades to their lights to everything in between.

By being able to control the different components of our environment, we can live comfortably and without the hassle of outdated systems. Unsurprisingly, many companies have made inroads into the automated lighting industry. One of the most notable of these companies has been Lutron.

Lutron lighting systems come in many different forms. When compared to other options, Lutron shades and lighting options are high-quality, while still being relatively affordable. If you are interested in purchasing an automated lighting system, there is likely a Lutron dealer in your area.

Whether you are purchasing your automated lighting system from Lutron or anyone else, there are still many important decisions that you will need to make. In this article, we will discuss the key things to keep in mind when choosing a system and how you can find a system that is right for you.

Understanding your Homes Lighting Dynamics

Before making any purchases, it will be important to address the sort of lighting systems you already have in place. How many windows does your home have? Do you have spectrum lighting or lights that operate on a binary? What is the intended purpose of each room that you hope to renovate?

By keeping each of these things in mind, it will be much easier to find an automated lighting system that works for you. The best automated systems will make it easy to control both your shades and your lights from a single, centralized location. They will also allow you to access pre-programmed settings, such as “movie night” or “party.”

Things to Think About When Purchasing HomeWorks Shades

Lutron shades are an excellent, green, and natural way for you to control the level of lighting in your home. Shades make it easy to access natural light when desired or create intimate settings when appropriate. 

When shopping for shades—whether made by Lutron or anybody else—there are several details that you will need to pay attention to. The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether the shades are translucent or opaque. Translucent shades are ideal for social settings, such as the dining room or kitchen. On the other hand, opaque shades—capable of blocking out all light—are much better for a home theatre. Other factors include the degree of automation, the color of the shades, their texture, and their overall style.

The Top Lutron Automatic Shades

As a leader in the automated shades and lighting industry, Lutron is continuously coming up with new ways for people to control the light in their home. Two of their top current offerings are Lutron Sivoia QS and Lutron Palladiom

The Sivoia QS system makes it easy for homeowners to control their shades from a centralized location. This system can be applied to multiple different kinds of shades, including horizontal sheer blinds, roller sheer blinds, and various others. In some cases, Sivoia QS can be applied directly to your already existing shades. In others, you may need to create a new system from scratch. Regardless, these shades have been described at the forefront of the “next generation.”

Lutron Palladiom is a wall station, capable of controlling both the shades throughout your home as well as your lights. When compared to Sivoia, Palladiom is generally considered to be a bit more comprehensive. The station can be directly mounted on any wall, allowing for easy set up and take down. It also comes with an innovative backlight system where you can customize your own engraving. Palladiom is the perfect system for people who want to have total control over their environment.

Combining Shades with Automated Lighting Systems

For years, people purchased their shades and their lighting systems separately. After all, before IoT and the development of smart home technology, these systems only seemed indirectly related. Lutron, on the other hand, remains an innovator in creating comprehensive lighting technology.

Lutron has product offerings for every component of your lighting system, including dimmers, rollers, switches, motion sensors, and control boxes. By pushing just a few buttons, you can lower the shades in your family, dim the light in your living room, and turn the lights off in your bedroom. Few, if any, companies are capable of offering such a simple, detailed approach.

One of the best things about Lutron is that, as an industry leader, their app is incredibly easy to use. The app can be downloaded directly onto your phone and will not only control your lighting functions—it can also control your thermostat and other essential at-home systems. 

Choosing the Lutron System that’s Right for You

Ultimately, the lighting system that makes the most sense for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Lutron has several flexible pricing options, allowing you to save money by combining multiple functions into a single system. Lutron’s “ecosystem” technology makes it easier to access the sort of customized solutions you’ve been searching for.

With Lutron shades, you can control outdoor lighting. With Lutron dimmers, you can control indoor lighting. But only Lutron’s comprehensive packaging makes it possible to control the entire ecosystem at once. Dimmers, switches, and motion sensors can all be accessed with ease. If you are unsure whether these systems make sense in your home, consider speaking with your local Lutron dealer.

 Conclusion – Choosing a Lutron Automated Lighting System

We live in exciting times. Smart home technology makes it possible to control almost every aspect of our homes. With their commitment to convenience, efficiency, and high-performing technology, Lutron likely has a lighting solution that can effectively meet your needs.

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