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Proud Members of the Home Tech Association

APEX is a proud member of the Home Tech Association (HTA). We have a tremendous amount of pride in every project that we do and partnering with the HTA has helped us elevate our service and assure our clients are getting the very best results they possibly can.
The Home Tech Association is responsible for governing some of the highest-quality firms within the smart home industry. Being a member of this association is an incredible honor. In order to become a member, home tech companies such as our own must satisfy the following three criteria:

Technical Competency: having strong technical capacities and a history of technical excellence

Aftercare Services: helping to ensure that all clients are able to access the services they need, even after the installation component of the project is complete

Reputation: working relentlessly to earn the respect of each of our clients and industry partners

Membership in the HTA has allowed us to distinguish ourselves within a very competitive industry. HTA businesses demand the highest level of certification and accreditation. If you would like to learn more about our status as an HTA member and what HTA membership means to our business, please contact one of our team members here.

APEX Audio Video Certifications
APEX Audio Video Certifications
APEX Audio Video Certifications