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How Does Control4 Work?

control4 home automation system

Looking around, it seems like everything in our lives has become “smart.” Our phones, our computers—even our vacuum cleaners—are becoming smart as digital technology makes our lives more convenient, accessible, and frankly, more fun. Isn’t it about time your home caught up with all this advanced technology? 

With the Control4 system, you can truly revolutionize your life at home. If you’re looking for enhanced security, audio-video, climate control, smart lighting, or a way to connect all your home entertainment, Control4 is the home automation system for you. 

APEX Audio Video and our team of audio-video specialists are proud to offer the latest technology at affordable prices with a comprehensive and friendly installation. We’re passionate about improving your life at home through any of our advanced home automation systems. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at one of our most popular products, Control4, to understand more about how it works and what the installation process really looks like. We then review some of the many benefits this smart technology can bring to your home. 


There are few products that compare to the advanced technology and user-friendly interface of a Control4 smart home. Control4 is a comprehensive home automation system renowned for its simplicity, reliability, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly design. With just one control pad, you can interact with any smart device throughout your entire home. 

Control4 is also designed on an open platform, meaning it operates with almost any other smart home device or technology, including Amazon’s Alexa and all your favorite streaming services. As of 2019, Control4 now even functions with your Google Assistant and the full range of Google smart products. 


Of all the available APEX security systems, Control4 is one of the most advanced, offering full control over the locks, lights, and cameras of your home, giving you that much-needed peace of mind. With the Control4 security system, you receive alerts any time someone enters your home. You can even monitor your property from anywhere in the world with the new smartphone app. Even when you aren’t at home, you can feel safe and secure knowing that Control4 security has got you covered. 


The lighting in your home is so much more than just a switch and a bulb. Lighting can create the right atmosphere, turn your living room into a home movie theater, or set the mood for a romantic dinner. With Control4 smart lighting, you’ll have full control over every light in your home. You can also program your lights to save on energy costs when no one’s home. 


Are you tired of juggling between three or four different remotes just to watch TV? Control4 has an answer to that. Their home automation system gives you complete control over your entertainment and other smart devices with their universal Neeo remote. This remote combines home control intelligence with an easy-to-use interface that makes interacting with your smart home a breeze. 

With the Neeo remote in hand, you can access your locks, lights, thermostats, and have complete control over your entire entertainment system. Additionally, this universal remote looks good doing all this work. The modern design features a high-resolution touch screen, smooth buttons, and an aluminum finish. 


Control4 is a comprehensive home automation system—not just another smart device—which means you’ll need to work with a trusted dealer to ensure the proper installation of this technology. Additionally, a dealer can educate you on what Control4 can do for your home and how to use and manage the system. To better understand the process, here’s a step-by-step look at a standard Control4 installation.

1. What do you want from home automation?

Before speaking with a dealer, first ask yourself: why am I interested in home automation? Is it about convenience? Saving money and energy with smart shades and lighting? Security concerns? All the above? Having an idea of which features you want will make the process that much easier. 

2. Visit a Control4 dealer.

Once you have a sense of your needs (or even still need some professional guidance) visit a nearby Control4 dealer. These dealers can walk you through the benefits and features of a Control4 system and you may even get the opportunity to see Control4 in action with a demo home. 

3. House call.

To ensure the Control4 system fits your needs and space, your dealer will likely make an initial house call to determine how this home automation works for you. 

4. Design and pre-wiring.

This is where the process, for many, starts to feel real. Your dealer begins programming some of the home automation features and determines the necessary components, layout, and wiring. This is the first step of the installation process, and depending on the size of your project, could take up to a few days. 

5. Installation.

Once the design and wiring are complete, your dealer will begin the installation process. This means they’ll begin placing key components, such as keypads, touch screens, speakers, and equipment racks, within your home. If your dealer has helped you by first effectively designing and wiring your home, the installation process is generally pretty fast and efficient. 

6. Education.

A quality Control4 dealer won’t stop at installation. Even if you consider yourself tech-savvy, there will probably be a learning curve when you first get your home automation system installed. Following the installation process, the dealer should work with you to understand how to control your new smart home and help to make any necessary modifications. 

7. Follow-up and modifications.

Once you’re settled in with your new smart home technology, a dealer generally will follow up to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase and installation. They will also use this as an opportunity to answer any questions and make any modifications. 


If you’re interested in bringing your home into the 21st century with a cutting-edge home automation system, then Control4 is just what you’re looking for. Control4 home automation is designed with you, the user, in mind, and features a unique combination of advanced technology and an easy-to-use, accessible interface. Whether you opt for the universal remote, control pad, or both, controlling all the smart devices in your home has never been easier. 

Choosing a professional Control4 dealer will also ensure that the design, wiring, and installation process is a breeze. A Control4 dealer will also work with you to help you understand all the amazing benefits of your new smart home. Additionally, Control4 pricing is very competitive with other home automation systems on the market. Transforming your house into a Control4 smart home could be one of the best decisions you ever make.


Control4 is one of the most advanced and innovative brands in serving your home automation needs. Whether you’re looking for temperature control, privacy, personalized security settings, or just a more convenient life at home, Control4 is right for you. 

Jeff Lincoln, the renowned interior designer, believes that the “ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.”  APEX couldn’t agree more, which is why we are proud to offer industry-leading technology, such as Savant, Lutron lighting, and of course, Control4 home automation.

It’s important to remember that these cutting-edge home automation systems are only available at trusted dealers, such as APEX Audio Video, to ensure you receive proper installation and assistance with your technology. For well over 20 years, Control4 has been providing homes with advanced security, climate control, lighting, smart shades, and more. For additional information on how APEX Audio Video can help with Control4 home automation, contact us at 512-371-6363 or We look forward to helping you make your home the ultimate destination for comfort, relaxation, and exciting technology.

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