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How Do Lutron Shades Work?

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Sunlight brings positive emotions to the surface for everyone. There’s something about having that warmth on your face that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. So what if we told you that Lutron shades could bring that feeling to your home while saving you energy costs, all at the touch of a button?

This guide discusses Lutron’s Silvoia QS smart shades and their many uses. It explains how Lutron shades work to make your home lighting warmer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Lutron’s products save nearly 10 billion kW of electricity every year, and Lutron’s Silvoia QS shades are a significant contributor to these savings. In addition to the savings they provide, Silvoia QS shades from Lutron bring out textures’ natural colors and accentuate surfaces so you can harness daylight’s power while remaining environmentally conscious and looking stylish when you do it. But how do Lutron shades work?

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What Are Lutron Shades?

Lutron’s Silvoia QS shading solutions offer the most peaceful, precise window treatment controls on the market, all while saving energy and preserving your home’s decor. The full roster of Lutron smart shades includes the following designs:

  • – Roller shades. 
  • – Horizontal sheer blinds. 
  • – Drapery systems. 
  • – Wood blinds with independent control and lift. 
  • – Fashion honeycomb shades. 
  • – Cable guided shades. 

How the Different Types of Lutron Silvoia QS Shades Work

Each Lutron shade type has a distinct function. Different windows call for different types of shades. The beauty of Lutron is that their products are highly customizable, and all you need to do is search “certified Lutron dealer near me,” and you’ll have access to the many options Lutron smart shades offer.

Roller Shades

The roller shade design is the quintessential Silvoia QS shade design. Its simplicity is matched only by its sleek appearance and functionality. All of Lutron’s roller shades are battery-powered, and thus, replenishable.

Lutron roller shades create the perfect light for a wide array of spaces or activities. They come in either sheer, dim-out, or blackout fabrics, and each has a distinct purpose. The sheer fabric allows you to maintain a decent view of things while diffusing UV rays and protecting your furnishings. Dim-out materials are 100% opaque and cut out all of the daylight that could potentially damage your home’s rooms.

Black-out materials will do just as they advertise: black out the room where you install these window shades. If you plan to use your living room as a home theater setup, using black-out roller will set the mood better. If you’re just looking for a little dimming action, using Lutron’s sheer fabric is an ideal alternative.

Horizontal Sheer Blinds

If you’re looking to add elegance to your stylish kitchen, look no further than horizontal sheer blinds. Lutron’s horizontal sheer blinds marry beautiful fabric with industry-leading design to create one of the most versatile, functional blind sets on the market.

Horizontal blinds combine sheer lattices with fabric vanes to provide a lovely mixture of filtered daylight in any window frame they fit. Their design also allows you to peer out into the yard or the front of your house while still retaining your privacy.

You have options with horizontal sheer blinds. Fabric-wrapped fascia gives you the ability to match your treatment’s tops to your blinds or install a custom cornice to match the rest of your home design.

Drapery Systems

Lutron’s drapery systems can be separated into traditional track drapery systems and Kirbe vertical drapery systems.

Traditional Track Drapery Systems

Traditional track drapery systems provide a plethora of options that fit almost any application. These systems can accommodate single or multi-bend curved tracks up to 30 ft long whether they are manual-open override or not. They also accommodate track splicing and 90-degree curves.

The traditional track drapery systems come in two designs: Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold. Pinch pleat is called such because of the pleats that the pinched gatherings of the fabric at the top of the drapery create. It gives the user a classic, old-fashioned, royal aesthetic that fits perfectly into any window frame.

Ripplefold is more of a modern design, reminiscent of the drapes you see in high-end hotels like the Ritz-Carlton. Its soft consistency comes in three fullness levels, giving you the ability to choose how much light your drapes let into your home.

Kirbe Vertical Drapery Systems

Lutron shades are known for their innovation, often setting the tone for other companies to follow. The Kirbe Vertical Drapery system is yet another example of Lutron’s trend-setting capabilities. They are the first upward-moving drapes, allowing you to remove your drapes entirely from your window frame.

In fact, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) gave Lutron’s Kirbe drapes two awards in 2010: the 2010 product of the year and the Most Innovative Overall Design in the motorization category.

Have you ever been messing with your drapery roller and thought about how convenient it would be to roll them up and gaze out at the beautiful landscapes surrounding your home? Kirbe allows you to do just that by withdrawing vertically instead of horizontally at the touch of a button. 

Wood Blinds With Independent Control of Lift and Tilt

Lutron’s wood blinds are sure to give any environment the look of rustic sophistication. The rustic nature comes from their classic wood finish and the sophisticated aspect comes from the remote control you have over their lift and tilt.

Have you ever been trying to tilt your blinds, and that one blind gets stuck or their alignment seems off somehow? Lutron’s wood blinds eliminate that problem with their Intelligent Tilt Alignment. Intelligent Tilt Alignment maintains a uniform tilt and lift across the entirety of your blind setup. 

Tensioned Shades

Lutron’s tensioned shades are explicitly designed to let the light from above into your beautiful home. These innovative skylight window coverings allow you to control the amount of overhead light you let into your home during the day while allowing you to peer at the stars from the comfort of your home at night.

Tensioned shades offer three mounting options that fit just about any window frame, including inside mount, a recessed inside mount, or a surface mount. All three mounts maintain easy access to customizing the fabric to your desire. 

Cable-Guided Shades

Cable-guided shades are the definitive solution for angled windows. Regardless of the angle of your window frame, these shades offer precise control over angled applications by matching roller shades with the window’s exact angle. You can also use them for windows that have intense airflows to prevent your shades from continually shifting.

Cable guided shades are considered an option for traditional roller shades. Consult with your certified Lutron dealer to select mounting options and your window angle. 

How Do Lutron Shades Preserve Energy?

Lutron shades work to save you additional energy by utilizing settings such as “winter warm.” Such options open the shades to take advantage of natural sunlight as a heat source. You can do just the opposite in the summer months, switching to a “summer cool” mode that limits the amount of sunlight entering a given room.

Both of these options can cut heating and cooling costs, which means that you can save money no matter what time of day it is. Additionally, Lutron shade fabrics are made from sustainable materials that optimize environmental savings.

How Do Lutron Shades Improve Safety and Security?

Settings such as the “away” mode not only control how much light enters your home, but they also control what other people walking past your home can see. Your home contains all of your valuables, and you should be able to control who has visual access to those belongings. Lutron shades work to provide a safety and security level in your windows that other blinds and shades can’t provide.

How Do Lutron Shades Provide Shade and Protect Furnishings?

Lutron shades have patented design elements that reduce the amount of UV that penetrates your home. Not only can this excess light make a room uncomfortable, but it also damages your furnishings. By preventing glare and diffusing light, they can prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen. Whether you’re trying to protect your furniture or preserve your entertainment experience, Lutron shades will get the job done.

Additionally, you can control all of these aspects from your Lutron app, which give you complete control over your smart blinds–no matter where you are in the world.

Conclusion- How Do Lutron Shades Work?

Regardless of your home design or window frame, Lutron dimmers and shades have a solution for you. Lutron’s Silvoia QS product line has provided its customers with intuitive, convenient, and environmentally friendly solutions for over twenty years as an industry standard.

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Contact one of our expert technicians today to see which top of the line Lutron shade solutions fit your home best.

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