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Illuminate your world with today’s top lighting and shading solutions.


Lutron has been leading the lighting industry for over 60 years, infinitely expandable to accommodate even the largest of projects without failure. They allow you to install a whole-home lighting system without rewiring or retrofitting with their patented technology. 

Throughout the course of their extensive—and impressive—history, Lutron has continuously been finding ways to implement new technologies and add value to people’s lives.


LUTRON Clear Connect Wireless
Control easily both in-home or remotely using virtually any smart device, iPhone, Android, etc.


– Supports up to 10,000 devices

HomeWorks is Lutron’s flagship luxury line capable of handling any size project with sleek aesthetic keypads available for full customization to accommodate any style of home or building.


As Lutron’s flagship luxury line, HomeWorks makes it easy to control each of the lighting systems in your house from a single location. From a sleek and aesthetically appealing keypad, you can easily adjust the lights or shades in any room. You’ll also be able to program the system to have specific settings such as “movies”, “sports”, or “gaming.” HomeWorks is the perfect way to complete and add value to any modern home.

Lutron Clear Connect Wireless

As a well-recognized industry innovator, there is no surprise that Lutron has been leading the way combining lighting solutions with smartphone technology. With a simple app, you’ll be able to access your keypad, make adjustments to the lighting, and control any of your automated Lutron shades. Never has it been so easy to have complete control of your home.

RadioRA 2

Did you forget to turn off your porch light before you left for work in the morning? Thanks to Lutron, you’ll have no need to worry. The company’s innovative RadioRA 2 technology allows you to create a geofence where your lights will be automatically shut off on their own. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of your home’s lighting system, no matter where you happen to be.

Due to Lutron’s innovative approach to lighting, your home can be equipped with high-quality lighting solutions without the need for retrofitting or even significant rewiring. In fact, many of Lutron’s most popular products are completely wireless—a solution that is perfect for the 21st Century.

RadioRA 2

– Supports up to 200 devices

Control advanced lighting scenes in your home through an easy to manage app, set a geofence to map when lights turn on/off. In a rush to leave in the morning and forgot to turn the front porch lights off? Lutron has you handled as you drive off.

Custom Home Solutions

Home theater

Home theater featuring an immersive Dolby Atmos experience, custom floor and ceiling lighting, 4k Resolution EPSON projector and a Seymour-Screen Excellence display.

lutron austin

Man Cave

Man Cave imagined and designed by our technicians, including a sport ticker, 3 TV’s, custom lighting scenes and so much more.

audio visual solutions


Control4 touchscreen panel mounted inside of a clients home in the Austin area.



Access all of your equipment in one location.

Set your device to create a night lighting path triggered by events or scheduling and ensure you’ll never have to walk into a dark home again.

transform your home

Use dimmers, timers, sensors, and automated shades to help gain complete control of your home’s lighting systems. Lutron’s convenient solutions make it easy to control your home from wherever you might be. There’s no need for unsightly banks of switches, excessive wiring, or lights that simply go on and off. Bring your home to light with today’s highest-quality, greenest, and easiest to install technology.


Design a jaw-dropping home cinema that rivals any cineplex. Press the “Movie” button, and the projector screen descends, the DVD player fires up, the surround sound is activated and the lights dim.
Incorporate immersive, high-resolution audio, high-definition video, a smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to create the ultimate experience. All equipment can be tucked away in a closet and controlled easily from one remote or touch screen.

austin home theater design

homeworks certified lutron dealer

As a Homeworks Certified, Authorized Lutron, APEX is able to ensure its clients that they are getting the best Lutron lighting solutions available. Choose a partner that has the experience, knowledge, and training needed to install any of Lutron’s innovative lines.

experience the lutron difference. Get a pricing quote.

Come home to the comfort, aesthetics and convenience of having your lighting and shading solutions handled. Transition from having guests over to watching your favorite movies with nothing more than a touch of a button. Lutron has pre-programmable light settings appropriate for any mood. With a complete Lutron system, your life will be easier, simple, and more illuminated. Ready to learn more? Call and get a free in-home estimate today.

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APEX Audio Video Certifications
APEX Audio Video Certifications