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When Is It Time to Update Your Home Lighting Control System?

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The introduction of “smart” technology has made many tasks, including controlling the lights in our home, significantly easier. Smart technology enables us to control various types of environmental systems and increase our general quality of life.

In 2018, about 35 million American homes incorporated smart technology, but by 2023, this figure is expected to more than double and break 70 million. This revolution is not unlike the “electric revolution” witnessed by American homeowners roughly one century ago. In fact, within the next few decades, it is projected that seemingly all American homes will incorporate smart technology, which includes advanced lighting systems.

The switch to smart lighting systems is seemingly inevitable, but you may find yourself wondering when the “right” time to upgrade will be. Generally speaking, it is probably in your best interest to upgrade as soon as you feasibly can. After all, there are seemingly countless benefits that come from creating smart lighting systems, including ease of use, decreased carbon footprints, aesthetic excellence, and many others. However, like many households, you may also be waiting for a more ideal time to make changes to your home. 

In this article, we will discuss the most important things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not it is the appropriate time to upgrade your current lighting system. By recognizing the common occurrences that will cause your current system to be too much of a burden, you can bring your home into the modern era and enjoy the many benefits that smart home lighting technology can provide.

Recognizing Home Lighting System Failures

When your lighting system “fails”, this will be much more significant than a few lightbulbs burning out. Rather, a failure occurs when the entire infrastructure keeping your home illuminated begins to fall apart.

There are quite a few signs that your lighting system is beginning to structurally fail.

  • Frequent Black Outs: in some cases, loss of power will cause your lights to go out and unless you have an independent source of power (such as a generator), there will be very little you can do. However, if your lights are going off while your neighbors’ lights remain on, this will likely mean there is something wrong with your system. Short circuits and broken fuses can cause temporary or even permanent lighting problems. If these blackouts occur in your home more than once every few months, it may be time to upgrade.
  • Consistent Flickering: flickering demonstrates that power is not being distributed evenly, which is not only annoying but potentially dangerous. Flickering is only occasionally caused by the bulbs themselves. Usually, the culprit will be your entire lighting infrastructure.
  • Loss of Support: in a competitive lighting industry, especially in growing regions, such as South and Central Texas, many lighting companies will go out of business. If your previous light provider has been forced to close shop, your parts will be much more difficult to replace. Rather than shopping for used parts online, you’ll be better off working with a lighting partner (like APEX) you can count on.

One of the reasons people are hesitant to make upgrades to their homes is that they don’t want to create any additional costs. However, the costs that come with replacing your old lighting system—whether it is a single wire, incandescent bulb, or other outdated technologies—will begin to add up. Rather than dragging these costs out over time, switching to a smart home lighting system can help you reduce the amount you are spending each month.

Combatting Excessive Energy Bills

Once you have brought your home into the 21st century, you can expect to spend significantly less on your energy bills each month. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case. LED lights, when compared to older lights, use significantly less energy to illuminate a room. Not only do modern bulbs last much longer (creating a lower production footprint), but nearly 80 percent more energy is used creating actual light, rather than heat.

Furthermore, being able to dim a room, instead of having to choose between being completely on or completely off, can help reduce the amount of energy you are actively consuming. Comprehensive shade and lighting solutions, such as those provided by Lutron, will also make it easy to control your lighting and shading settings, even when you are not home. Lowering Lutron’s shades during periods of extreme heat or cold will contain your heating and air conditions and, ultimately, further reduce the amount of energy you are using 

Making Major Upgrades to Your Home

When you are deciding to upgrade your home, whether installing a custom home theatre, improving your yard, or installing a new security system, it will be the perfect time to upgrade your lighting system in general. In addition to installing smart lighting technology, you can also install a smart climate system, smart security system, and smart communications systems that can significantly improve the quality of your home. By working with an experienced partner like APEX, you can integrate all of these systems into a single network that can be controlled via a panel, a remote, or even your phone. Making all of these upgrades at once, rather than making them one by one, will help decrease the total amount you end up paying.

Finding the Smart Lighting Solution That’s Right for You

Clearly, there are many different occasions that can justify investing in improved lighting systems and smart home technology, in general. Once you have made the decision to upgrade, the next thing you will need to choose is which system you want to use. Among the leading brands in this industry, you’ll find Lutron, Control4, and many others. 

Lutron offers multiple systems that make it easy to control your lights, your shades, your climate, and your security from a single location. The advanced HomeWorks QS system is supported by 10,000 devices, offers a truly comprehensive lighting solution, and also includes an aesthetically appealing keypad. Other Lutron systems include the RadioRA 2 and various others. If you are unsure which system you’d prefer, consider speaking with a home lighting expert.

Conclusion – When Is It Time to Update Your Lighting Control System?

Having a reliable lighting system is essential for daily living. Though your already existing lighting system may be “fine” for the time being, if it has not been upgraded within the past ten years, you are likely missing out on all that the smart home revolution has to offer. Whether you are experiencing flickering, blackouts, loss of support, or excessive energy bills, consider switching to a smart lighting system. With high-quality light brands like Lutron available to choose from, you can begin living the quality of life you deserve.

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