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How to Play Music With a Control4 System

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Control4 offers a simple, intuitive system that controls your entire home. When life gets busy, Control4 is there to simplify things, and Apex Audio Video is proud to be an authorized Control4 dealer. Whether you’re looking to control your alarms, garage door, lighting, shades, or music, Control4 is part of a complete home automation system that will help you maintain full capability over all of your devices and services. 

A smart home operating system (OS) such as Control4 connects with essentially all of the technology in your home. Control4 offers intuitive technology that is easy and fun to use for the entire family. One of the best ways Control4 can help to maintain your ideal home environment is through the control of your music. Almost all popular music streaming services are compatible with Control4. Continue reading below to see specific details on how to stream music using your Control4 system with all kinds of different systems.


Spotify is one of the best modern ways to stream your favorite music and receive new music suggestions based on your listening history. You can create individual playlists, share your playlists with friends, follow and be followed by other users to allow for an easy transfer of music, and so much more. Additionally, Spotify can be easily used by your Control4 smart home system, and you can add up to ten Spotify-compatible devices to your Control4 system. This will allow you to send independent streams to different speakers throughout your house. You can use as many devices as you like (up to ten) to stream Spotify with your Control4 system, making it an ideal option for families who have multiple people using the same Spotify account or for those with multiple accounts. 


Pandora is another automated music streaming service that can be used in conjunction with your Control4 home system. You can utilize Pandora on your Control4 system without applying any new hardware. Currently, you must have access to a PandoraOne account in order to use this feature, as it’s not a free feature but rather one that comes with the standard upgrade of the Pandora system. Check out the following press release in order to see the ins and outs of using Pandora with your Control4 home system. 


Apple’s iPod device is one of the most trusted and standard ways of playing music on a variety of platforms. Control4 offers specific instructions on how to link your iPod to your home system. Click on the above link in order to see precise details on how to use a step-by-step process to employ high-quality sound straight from your iPod to your Control4 home system. 

XM Tuner

XM Tuner is a platform that allows you to stream XM radio stations to a variety of devices, including your Control4 home system. Using XM Tuner is one of the more up-to-date ways to use your Control4 system to listen to music, yet it is still a method that is able to be comfortably used even by those who aren’t particularly tech-friendly. 


Traditional radio is one of the most comfortable methods of enjoying both new and old music for users of all ages, so Control4 has made sure to integrate this method into their algorithm. Additionally, this is one of the easiest ways to listen to music via your Control4 smart home system. Control4 has set up very easy step-by-step instructions for connecting your home system to AM and FM radio with ease.  


While CD’s may not currently be the most popular method of streaming music, they are still beloved by many and thus supported by your Control4 system. CD’s can be easily integrated into your smart home system and utilized quickly by the entire family. Control4 systems can come standard with a CD changer upon request, so be sure to talk to your installation team about listening to all of your favorite disks with ease. When you’re ready, reference Control4’s instructions on how to utilize your CD changer in order to fill your house with music.  

Satellite Radio

Listening to satellite radio from your Control4 system has never been easier. Satellite radio is essentially normal radio, only it’s projected from a satellite. This means that it can come through to your car or home from thousands of miles away without interference. You can listen to the same programming in multiple states at the same time, and there are far many more custom channels when compared with traditional radio. Thus, satellite radio has many perks which makes it a perfect option for your Control4 sound system. See the following information for how to set up satellite radio with your Control4 smart home system. 


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