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CONTROL4 Smart Home

Premier Home Automation Control


Control4 Smart Home OS technology is a home automation system that allows you to create a space that is uniquely your own. Control4 offers many individualized capabilities and features, all available at your fingertips or by voice command.

Control4 is known for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and reliability, and they have recently redesigned their technology to include over a thousand new features and interaction enhancements, making it even more intuitive and modernized than ever before.

Control4 automated networking systems yield a completely personalized smart home. Use Control4 to automate and control a variety of appliances in your home, such as lighting and shading mechanisms, audio and video equipment, climate control devices, security systems, and more.

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Enjoy Maximum Control

Control4 is a fluid interface which offers thousands of features. With its intuitive and enjoyable design, Control4 Smart Home is the most convenient and powerful full-home technology available. Take control of your surroundings today.

For Every Home

Control4 Smart Home technology can be integrated into almost every home, regardless of the age or size. Choose a system that grows with you by easily allowing you to integrate new technologies at any time. Enjoy control like you’ve never experienced before while also innovating and simplifying your daily life. An evolved, fluid interface and over a thousand new features and interaction enhancements have been thoughtfully redesigned to simplify your smart home. It’s modern, intuitive, and fun to use. Interactive devices such as the Neeo touchscreen remote, in-wall or tabletop touchscreens, and the Control4 OS app on your phone provide you with convenient ways to take immediate control.

Intuitive and Personal

Control4 is the most intuitive and user-friendly home automation system on the market. Choose from smart remotes, touch screens, or voice commands. No matter your personal taste or level of technological experience, Control4 technology can be adjusted directly to your specific requirements. Relax in an environment that is easy to operate and custom-tailored to satisfy your wants and needs.


Control4 operates on an “open platform” which makes it easy to connect other technologies and systems. Integrate thousands of devices from over 300 brands. Bring your smart home aspects together in a single system.

Safety and Security

Feel comfortable knowing your home is safe. Control4 alerts you when someone enters your home, if any doors are open, or if an internal issue has been detected. Also, feel secure knowing that you can access all locks and exercise complete control over your home from anywhere at anytime, all from your preferred device.

Control4 Makes it Easy to Connect

Amazon Alexa – Bose – Dish – Denon – LG – Samsung – Sony – Nest – Phillips – Ring and More

Control4 home automation has the ability to connect to a multitude of devices including the new Neeo touchscreen remote, in-wall or tabletop touchscreens, or the smartphone app. From these devices, you can personalize your space with controls for:

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Integrating the Control4 Smart Home OS into your space will eliminate your little everyday stressors by simplifying your life and offering you a safer and more comfortable home experience. Gain control now at APEX Audio Video in Austin or San Antonio, TX.
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To learn more about how the Control4 Smart Home OS system can start improving your lifestyle today. Trust our trained professionals to design and install the perfect technology for you.


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