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Take advantage of today’s best commercial audio and video solutions. Leverage today’s newest technologies to help ensure that all meetings, presentations, and interactions with clients can be executed without issue. With input from a wide variety of businesses, we’ve developed commercial A/V solutions that are truly fit for the 21st Century.

austin san antonio videoVIDEO CONFERENCING

Conduct video conferences with individuals and businesses around the world. Our state-of-the-art solutions make it easy to control the dynamics of the conference and incorporate a 360-degree integrated system. The brands we choose are among the best in the industry, meaning there is no need to worry about dropped calls or other technical difficulties.


Using voiceover internet protocol (VoIP), your business can streamline its communications while considerably reducing its operating costs. Our VoIP solutions are tailored to each of the businesses we work with, meaning you’ll be able to get all the systems you need without paying for any of the functions you don’t need.

apex austin custom audioPA SYSTEMS

Communicate clearly and efficiently with everyone in your office. With several different PA systems available to choose from, you’ll be able to improve your communications and help all essential office functions continue to run smoothly.


As one of the flagship systems offered by Lutron, Clear Connect Wireless leverages smart technologies and helps make offices smarter—in every sense of the word. Since 1991, Lutron has continued to introduce advanced smart technologies into the marketplace. Clear Connect Wireless helps synchronize all essential pieces of technology and makes it easy to control these systems from a single location.

apex audio visual solutionsVIDEO WALLS

Video walls allow for touch screen interactions and can help bring your workspace into the 21st Century. Use this new technology to help lead meetings, impress potential clients, and help your business begin operating more efficiently.

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APEX Audio Video Certifications
APEX Audio Video Certifications
APEX Audio Video Certifications