Smart technology can change the way you interact with the audio, video, security, lighting, shading and climate features of your home or business. But controlling all of the different components and devices shouldn’t be difficult. Apex Audio Video provides you with simple, intuitive and integrated automation control that will allow you to take command of your home and business’ smart features with ease. From in-wall touch screens to independent remotes to apps for your smartphone or tablet, we customize your control options to fit your lifestyle.

Integrated Systems

Simplify your life with multiple systems that work together to improve the way your home functions. Consolidate your remote controls and wall-switches into a single device to reduce clutter and enhance the beauty, function and convenience of your home and business. Imagine walking through the front door and pressing the “Welcome” button on your smartphone or tablet to deactivate the alarm, turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat and play music. A single, reliable and intuitive control device allows you, your family or your employees to operate the entertainment, climate controls, lighting, shades and security system – for comprehensive command of your entire smart home or smart business.

Lighting Control

Custom lighting control allows you to adjust the mood and functionality of any room in your private or public spaces to suit the occasion. Whether setting the scene for movie night, preparing the boardroom for a meeting, sculpting a perfect dining room for a romantic evening or creating a warm, inviting waiting room for clients, smart lighting can generate the ideal atmosphere with the touch of a button. Save energy, improve security and enhance the beauty of your home or business with automated lighting control.

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