Distributed audio and video (also known as whole house audio video) is, as the name suggests, a means of distributing audio and video throughout a home or facility, usually with a single source point. The technology to do this has been around for quite some time; but only recently have consumers had the magnitude of options and control.

Today, we can distribute your entire CD collection, Internet radio, iTunes, Hulu or Roku as well as your entire DVD collection. Apex AV can deliver source content to most any room in your house that has a pair of speakers (audio) or TV (video).  With today’s switchers, amplifiers and control systems, this audio or video can be controlled with a keypad, remote control, tabletop display or even a single app on your phone.

Distributed Audio

Distributed audio can be installed in many different kinds of rooms and used in a few different ways. The rooms in which you want distributed audio installed and how you want to listen to that music, determine your overall system type and the type of speakers you want to install.

Types of Distributed Audio

Background listening:

This is the equivalent of in-home “elevator music”. You don’t really care what’s playing, it’s just plain ole background music.

Entertainment listening:

This is a step up from background music. You want to choose your music, but listening is typically subsidiary to other activities. That is, you play the music while you’re doing other things—reading, entertaining, whatever—although you may turn it up occasionally for a party or to dance.

Critical listening:

This is what you do in your main listening room. Sound quality is important, because you’re turning it up for a good listen.

Whichever way you want to listen to music, we can deliver the type of system you require with an easy to use control system.

Distributed Video

Distributed Video is similar to distributed audio in the sense the video can emanate from a single source point. Obviously it is different because we are talking about video here: television, DVD, high definition, standard definition, etc. The technology to do video distribution is a little bit different, however the same equipment can be used to control both.

Don’t be confused by the technical details. The main idea is to get the video that you want in the room that you want with ease. We can do this for you whether you want video on your back deck, kitchen, bedrooms, recreation room, bathroom, or any other room in your house.


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